Johannesburg Siebel User Group

Welcome to the Johannesburg Siebel User Group!

Our aim is to bring together those involved in Siebel implementations to share knowledge and ideas; grow the skill base in South Africa; and generally have a good time.

To do that we’ll be holding regular meetings in the Johannesburg area. These are set for the first Monday of every month. The general format will be a presentation on a topic of interest followed by discussion and networking.

Our events for 2011 so far:
7 February: Siebel Java Integration
7 March: Siebel Integration Methods and Scrum
4 April: Siebel eMail Response Architecture
9 May: Software Testing
13 June: DB Architecture, clustering and high availability strategies, maintenance, sharding and performance
11 July: Data Quality and Data Warehousing
1 August: 2011 Social
5 September: Sales Force
3 October: Exadata
5 December: 2011 SAOUG Feedback

To get an idea of what a typical session is like (minus the beer and pizza), check out the video of our May 2011 session below:

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