JSUG – May 2011 Software Testing

Chillroom May 2011 Software Testing

How refreshing this month’s Johannesburg Siebel User Group  was. Held at IS chillroom, we had an experienced Speaker, Peter Sage. He is from iLab  and presented on Software Testing. Let it be known that to say he is passionate about testing is an understatement and this was clearly evident as the night proceeded. He took a different totally different approach in his presentation. In all honestly I was expected to be bombarded with details and techniques on testing and had even read up on some of the terms used in the ‘testing world’ (Regression testing, Stress testing, Performance testing, Maturity Model etc.) but all that, however, was in vain – it was like preparing for a math’s test and finding your given a session on the do’s and don’ts of crossing the highway during peak traffic. Peter addressed the issues involved around testing and how it should be looked at, from a business and development point of view. He stressed the value in communication (him being a firm agile enthusiast) and how we, all involved in a particular project, need to work together to achieve the same goal. 

Working together

Developers weren’t off the hook, they need to be as vigilant with their unit tests and not simply think testers will pick up the bugs. Overall Peter Sage said things that were of great value and I’m sure that many who attended can attest to this. Have a look at the video recording.  Thanks to all who attended and to the host, Tetrad IT as well as all involved in the organizing of this successful event. We look forward to the next one with keen anticipation.

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  2. Steve says:

    Nice one Nigel

    Really liked the part where Peter talks about not caring what the software package is (Siebel, SAP etc.) and how it works but rather does it fill the business requirements properly and if not, it is a failure.

    Thank goodness for the video or I’d have missed out completely!

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